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Who We Are



Adriane Cardoso (Right) - a Virgo born in Germany and raised in Brazil - brings together what these cultures and this astrological profile hold to be the most precious: discipline, organization, incessant search for perfection, but also the connection with the divine and the spiritual side of life. She represents the roots, trunks, soil, and the structure that supports MumGaya.


Valéria Haddad (Left) - an Aries born in Brazil - Valéria is the teacher and the artist. She has an admirable ability and a unique motivation to teach what she knows. Her art translates her universal love for people and her contagious joy and enthusiasm. She represents the leaves, flowers, the wind, and the sun that warms MumGaya.

Valéria Haddad and Adriane Cardoso fro MumGaya Ceramics

Our Mission



MumGaya Ceramics, in teaching ceramic painting and hand-building, has the mission of promoting encounters, developing technical skills, increasing self-esteem, generating pleasure and joy, and teaching balance and patience to our students.

What We Do



We teach individual or group ceramic painting and hand-building classes.  We also offer other fun activities like Ceramics & Wine, Ceramics & Meditation, and Ceramics & Prayer.

We sell useful and ornamental ceramic objects as well as ceramic jewelry handmade by the artist Valéria Haddad.

The Artist



Valéria Haddad started painting porcelain at the age of 12. Over the years she reconciled her passion for art with an executive corporate career. Then, In the early 2010's, she rediscovered the clay medium which expresses her creativity and teaches her how to cope with the challenges life presents.

When she discovered the benefits that this art brought to her life, she decided to share this knowledge with others. Then came the call to begin teaching ceramic art. She understands that this is her way of contributing to a better world. Art brings joy. Happy people make the world happier.

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, she currently lives and works in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, and is a member of the Ceramic League of the Palm Beaches.

Valéria Haddad from MumGaya Ceramics
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